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Skin cancer

Man unterscheidet verschiedene Arten von Hautkrebs:

Basalzellkarzinom (Basaliom)

Basalzellkarzinome sind die häufigsten bösartigen Hauttumore des Menschen. Hauptursache ist das UV-Licht. Sie zählen zum weißen Hautkrebs und streuen nicht. Ihr Aussehen reicht von rosafarbenen Plaques bis hin zu Knoten, die auch bluten können oder verkrustet sind. Die  Behandlung besteht in einer kompletten Entfernung des Basalioms mit feingeweblicher Untersuchung aller Schnittränder. 

There are different types of skin cancer:

Basal cell carcinoma
Basaliomas are the most common malignant skin tumors in humans. The main cause is UV light. They belong to the white skin cancer and do not spread. Their appearance ranges from pink plaques to lumps that may also bleed or crust. Treatment consists of complete removal of the basal cell carcinoma with histological examination of all incision margins. 

Spinaliomas look similar to basal cell carcinomas and usually occur in areas exposed to a lot of sunlight. They usually occur in older age. Again, the goal is complete removal of the tumor followed by histologic examination.

Melanoma is a skin tumor that spreads early through the lymphatic and blood circulation. Early detection at a thin growth stage through regular skin cancer screening greatly improves the chances of successful treatment. Particularly early, thin melanomas often resemble harmless moles or pigmented spots. Therefore, many years of experience as a dermatologist is important to detect black skin cancer at an early stage. 
Thin forms are removed with a safety margin; in the case of thicker melanomas, the so-called sentinel lymph node, which monitors the respective skin area, is also removed. After the operation, a close-meshed follow-up control takes place.

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