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Even if the injection lipolysis is referred to as "fat-away-injection", it is not a miracle cure for weight loss.

But isolated annoying fat pads and fat deposits can be melted off in a seemingly miraculous way within a few weeks or months. Double chins, hamster cheeks and bags under the eyes disappear on the face, and on the body the tummy and saddle pads.

Cosmetologist makes lipolytic injections to burn fat on the chin, cheeks and neck of a wom

How does injection lipolysis work?

The drug made from soy (a liver protection preparation that has been used for years) is diluted and injected directly into the unwanted fat deposits. After two to four treatments, it allows the fat deposits to melt away over the course of a few months via the body's own metabolism.

What are possible side effects and what should you watch out for?

Serious side effects have not yet been reported despite thousands of uses for lipolysis. There are common but harmless side effects. Since the treatment leads to inflammation and destruction of fat cells, the following side effects are possible: 

- Itching, pain, redness and significant swelling for a few days are almost always present

- Rarely, these symptoms may last longer or be more severe than usual

- After the injection, there may be a temporary drop in blood pressure and therefore dizziness or circulatory problems

- Bruises may occur

How much does a treatment cost?

Destruction of spider veins costs between 250 and 450 euros.

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