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Digital practice

Dear patients,

We see ourselves as a modern dermatology practice with a surgical-aesthetic focus.
The claim to be a modern practice also means that we take digitalization seriously and use the advantages that make everyday practice easier for both you as patients and for us as a team. 

These include:

  • Digital appointment scheduling, so you can conveniently book an appointment

  • Digital pre-appointment forms so you have less waiting time and we can more effectively address any skin concerns you may have

  • Check-in desk if our team is in treatment

  • Digital call system if our team is seeing patients

  • Digital AI-assisted skin cancer screening 

  • Teledermatology consultation

  • Modern practice software

  • Digital AI-supported telephone assistance, if our team is in treatment

Admittedly, it takes some getting used to the changes.

But all of these solutions ensure that we have measurably more time for your patient care, not less.

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