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miraDry®  for hyperhidrosis

miraDry® is the only FDA-approved treatment with clinical efficacy to greatly reduce underarm perspiration.

Microwaves are used to target and sclerotize sweat glands in the armpits. Once eliminated, they do not grow back. According to the manufacturer, this reduces underarm perspiration by 82%.


Is miraDry® treatment permanent?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, miraDry® treatment provides a permanent reduction in underarm sweating of about 82%.

In our experience, the reduction is realistically around 60%, which is still a significant improvement.

How does the treatment work in practice?

First, we disinfect the underarm area and mark the treatment area with a template. Then the armpit is locally anesthetized with an injection. You will feel the local anesthetic for a short time - but the subsequent treatment is painless. 
Next, the handpiece of the miraDry® device is slowly moved over the marked armpit area. This generates thermal energy that kills the sweat and smell cells as well as the hair follicles. The top layer of skin is constantly cooled. The treatment lasts one to one and a half hours and is performed on an outpatient basis.

What should I pay attention to before and after the treatment?

Before the treatment, do not shave your armpits for at least 5 days and do not use deodorant.
After the treatment, cool your armpits with cool packs for about 24 hours. 
Wear loose clothing (such as a tank top or undershirt) during treatment.
Avoid sauna visits or sports for a few days after the treatment. 


Are you completely sweat-free after the treatment?

In the beginning you will have the feeling of being completely "dry". After about a month, sweat production - now reduced - will return.

If you want to be 100% sweat-free, a second treatment is recommended in most cases.


What are the side effects of the treatment?

Swelling, redness and small bruises on the treated area
Temporary altered sensation or tingling in the treated skin and/or upper arms
Small lumps under the treated skin for a limited time
Decreased hair growth in the underarms

How much does a miraDry® treatment cost?

The cost of a treatment is around 1900 Euros. Our experience shows that public health insurances do not cover the costs, and many private health insurances do not either.

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