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Acne with its blackheads (comedones) and purulent pimples (pustules) occurs mainly during puberty, but increasingly also in adults.

Especially in the difficult time of growing up, acne should not scratch your self-confidence, but you should be open and curious about the world. Severe acne during puberty not only leaves lifelong traces in the form of acne scars on the face, but can also prevent those affected from seeking contact with people, which is very important for a happy life.

Therapy of acne

It is important to treat acne properly depending on its severity. We make an individual treatment plan with each patient. There are a number of aspects to consider in therapy. With medical local therapies (e.g. creams or solutions), a lot can often be achieved.

In very severe cases, tablets containing an antibiotic (minocycline) or vitamin A acid (isotretinoin) may also be useful. Such therapies must be carried out in close consultation with the patient. In the case of minors, parents must agree to the therapy and come to the practice for follow-up appointments.

Treatment of (acne) scars

If extensive scars from previous severe acne are to be reduced, we will be happy to work with you using the KTP laser or CO2-Laser.

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