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Pigment spots

Age spots are the result of sun exposure to which we are exposed during our lives. That is why age spots only appear on areas that are regularly exposed to the sun, i.e. on the back of the hands, face, décolleté and forearms. The brown pigmented skin spots are often considered annoying because they are very noticeable on the mentioned body parts.

The spots are usually harmless and occur in 90% of all people. They can be easily removed with a laser.

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How does laser treatment to remove pigment spots work?

With our ruby laser with a wavelength of 694 nm, we achieve good results gently and in a short time. The treatment is almost painless. Usually you only feel a slight tingling or burning sensation. The laser beam penetrates through the surrounding tissue and only takes effect in the pigment.​

How does the laser treatment work?

Since the ruby laser is very gentle, no local anesthetic is required. The treatment itself usually only takes a few minutes.

After the treatment, there is redness for 3-4 days, then more pigmentation. This pigment suddenly flakes off completely within 2 weeks.

The treated areas should be protected from the sun for four weeks.

How much does a laser treatment cost?

The price is very variable and depends on localization and effort. A session costs from 140 euros.

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