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Skin cancer screening PLUS+

Statistically, one in five people will develop skin cancer or one of its precursors in the course of their lives.

With timely treatment, there is a very good chance of cure. Timely diagnosis and regular preventive care are therefore very important. 

Early detection of conspicuous moles or skin cancer is one of the focal points in our practice. We perform skin cancer screening using the latest AI-assisted technology. Two or more images of a skin lesion taken in chronological order can be compared directly on the screen.




In patients with many moles, black skin cancer often develops not from the existing skin lesions but from the unaffected skin. Here, the overview images of the body make a significant contribution to the detection of newly formed, potentially malignant pigment spots.

Especially patients with light skin, many sunburns in childhood, 

skin cancer in the family and a large number of moles benefit from this modern screening method.

Even if the reasons for using digital skin cancer screening are obvious, it is unfortunately not covered by the statutory health insurances within the scope of the statutory skin cancer screening. However, we regularly offer it for a co-payment of approx. 55 Euros. If you do not wish this, please tick the box in the screening form of the appointment confirmation email.

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