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HPV Cancer Prevention

Prevo-Check® detection of HPV-related carcinomas

In rare cases, human papillomaviruses (HPV) can cause cancer in the mouth and throat as well as in the anogenital area. HPV is widespread, with a prevalence rate of 80-90%. In rare cases, certain HPV types (e.g. HPV type 16) can cause tumors of the skin or mucous membranes if this is not recognized in good time.

The Prevo-Check® is a new test procedure for the early detection of HPV-induced cancer, which very reliably detects antibodies against HPV in the blood. 

A drop of blood is taken, for example from the fingertip, after a waiting time of only 20 minutes your result is available. If the test result is negative, there is nothing further to do. We then recommend repeating the test annually. If the test result is positive, which means that antibodies could be detected in the blood, a more comprehensive diagnosis should be carried out. 

Carrying out a Prevo-Check® is recommended for high-risk patients who, due to their lifestyle or previous illnesses, are particularly likely to develop HPV-related tumors. Risk factors include:

  1. High tobacco use (smoking, snuff or chewing tobacco)

  2. Regular alcohol consumption

  3. Persistent HPV16 infections in yourself or your partner

  4. Patients who have had an HPV-related tumor in the past

  5. Patients with condylomas

  6. immune deficiency or

  7. immunosuppression

Glückliches Liebespaar

Die Durchführung eines Prevo-Check® empfiehlt sich für Risikopatienten, die aufgrund Ihrer Lebensweise oder aufgrund von Vorerkrankungen besonders häufig an HPV bedingten Tumoren erkranken. Zu den Risikofaktoren gehören:

  1. Tabakkonsum

  2. Regelmäßiger Alkoholkonsum

  3. Wiederkehrende HPV16 Infektionen

  4. HPV bedingte Tumore in der Vergangenheit

  5. Patienten mit Kondylomen

  6. Immunschwäche

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