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Spider veins

Spider veins on the legs are unpleasant for many people, especially in the warm season when airy clothing exposes the skin. 

Sclerotherapy is the method of choice for the treatment of spider veins. Laser treatment can only achieve similarly good results for very specific forms of spider veins.

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How does spider vein sclerotherapy work?

Spider vein sclerotherapy is a safe and low-risk treatment method. The small spider veins are chemically destroyed with an ethoxysclerol foam.
The treated veins permanently disappear. Nevertheless, in the course of the disease, more spider veins usually appear in other parts of the legs. These can be treated in follow-up sessions. 

What are the possible side effects and what should you watch out for?

The piercing of the blood vessels and the injection may burn and hurt for a short time. Sclerotherapy often results in the formation of small bruises or very mild phlebitis, which can be recognized by a temporary bluish discoloration of the vessels. 
After the treatment, swabs are applied and the legs are wrapped, as the result of the treatment is better this way.
Immediately after the sclerotherapy, you should move a lot, i.e. walk or ride a bicycle. Avoid standing or sitting for a long time, do not go to the sauna for 8 - 10 days and avoid direct sunlight.

What does spider vein sclerotherapy cost?

Sclerotherapy of spider veins costs from about 170 euros.

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