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Age warts

Age warts are also called "seborrheic keratosis". Age warts are benign. Unlike other warts, age warts are not caused by a viral disease. However, since it is difficult for you to judge whether it is really an age wart, you should have the findings examined by an experienced dermatologist.

Since age warts are usually fused to the skin, they can be easily removed with laser therapy.


How does the laser ablation treatment work?

It is an Erbium laser that removes the age warts with controlled and shallow depth in layers. 


How does the laser treatment work?

The treatment begins with the injection of a local anesthetic into the areas to be treated.
This is followed by ablation with an Erbium laser. 
Abrasions are left behind, which heal within 10-18 days.
The treated areas should be protected from the sun for four weeks.

How much does laser treatment cost?

The treatment depends on the localization and complexity. One treatment costs from about 100 euros

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