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Facial veins

The treatment of couperosis/rosacea to date usually consists of prescription drugs such as metronidazole or ivermectin, which are used over a period of several months.

This does not significantly improve the redness caused by the vascularization. Today, the annoying facial redness can also be counteracted with laser therapy, in which the dilated vessels are specifically closed by the laser light so that blood can no longer flow through them.


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How does the laser treatment for facial vein reduction work?

We achieve very good results with our KTP laser gently and in a short time. The treatment is minimally painful, local anesthesia is not required. Most of the time you will only feel a slight burning sensation. The laser beam penetrates the skin and acts only in the vessels.


How does the laser treatment work?

Since the KTP laser is very gentle, no local anesthesia is required. The treatment itself usually takes only a few minutes.
After the treatment there is redness and swelling for 3-4 days. Crusts do not appear. The treated areas should be protected from the sun for 1 week.
As a rule, 2-3 sessions are required.


How much does laser treatment cost?

The price is very different and depends on the localization and the effort. One session costs from 190 euros.

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